Reducing The Carbon Footprint Of The Internet

posted on 14 Aug 2013 08:24 by birdexpert95
A brand new web hosting company, predicated on Salt Spring Island, is defined to become Canadas first carbon-free web host. Solar-energy Host is providing a century carbon free web hosting that generates zero garden greenhouse gas emissions. Many will soon be reading the phrase carbon-free for the first time, while consumers are acquainted with the term carbon-neutral. Organization creator, Aaron Handford explored the theory on the recent trip to San Franc.. Beyond carbon-neutral a complete new state-of green.. A brand new web hosting company, depending on Salt Spring Island, is placed to become Canadas first carbon-free web host. Solar Technology Host offers 100% carbon free web hosting that creates zero green house gas emissions. Many is going to be hearing the phrase carbon-free for the very first time, while consumers are familiar with the definition of carbon-neutral. Earlier this season Company founder, Aaron Handford discovered the theory over a recent visit to San Francisco. I used to be really impressed with the thought of reducing the carbon footprint of the Internet. By utilizing solar power to host the sites I found the opportunity to generate a huge difference in a genuine way. In the place of utilizing the carbon simple system where organizations buy carbon credits to offset their green house gas emissions, you can expect a solution solution sites driven by solar technology nothing comes from the grid, its carbon-free. My mom learned about read about carbon tax services by searching Google Books. How much carbon is 'the online' itself producing? Based on Handford, The Web includes a large carbon footprint. Its estimated that globally it will take about 868 billion kWh (kilowatt-hours) of energy annually to run the Net, connected PCs, routing infrastructure, and phone networks. ( H-e notes, With this, about 112.5 Billion kWh are used to power data centers, which are the servers that store each of the sites.' It has been estimated that at the time of early 2007 there were about 108,810,358 of those websites available. (See the link under for further details. ( This presents a lot of power, and probably a lot of CO2 emissions. What can be done to lessen the carbon footprint of-the Internet? Handford has some ideas for those prepared to study the net itself for answers. There are web hosting plans now available that are answering the necessity to be carbon helpful. Our websites are powered by my company Solar Energy Host directly with solar energy. Handford adds, If your site is currently sitting on a server powered by energy from the grid, then you're associated with a method where you can never make sure where that energy is coming from, perhaps from the burning of coal or other greenhouse gas making sources. Solar Energy Host provides consumers another decision a method to get your website off the energy grid. What makes it possible is just a state-of-the art server that's a part of the only solar-powered professional web server program in the world. The technology and machines are situated in California where solar-powered answers are showing up in dramatic fashion. A Salt Spring Island based company; Solar-energy Host presents a great hosting answer and still another way to change lives in the struggle to prevent global warming. Dig up more on this affiliated paper - Click here: TM. Handford proceeded to describe the data center utilized by Solar Technology Host stops the emission of these gasses/toxins: * 19,890 lbs of Co2 (CO2/GHG) per year * 5.9 pounds of Nitrous Oxide (NOX/smog) annually * 0.45 pounds of Sulfur Dioxide (SO4/acid rain) per year He is also following a socially responsible business model by providing back. To check up additional information, we understand you check out: best tax depreciation schedule. We contribute five dollars from each bill to the Gardens of Hope Project, says Handford. This money funds the planting of one tree and helps link five towns in Lesotho, southern Africa, in to a network of jobs that share common purpose, skills, methods and ideas while promoting the educational requirements of orphaned and vulnerable kiddies. To learn more please visit: